Should You Buy Silver Bars?

In a previous article here on Buy Silver Coins, we presented a video on the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing coins and bars.

In that video, long time silver investor Dave Morgan, suggested silver inventors purchase coins to begin with, and then diversify their portfolio with larger bars.

You can purchase silver bars directly through reputable dealers, which provides an efficient and safe way to buy the bullion.

By purchasing bars instead of coins you can significantly save on the spot-price premium, especially with larger bars. Investors who purchase a large bullion amount, can also save on fees and commissions, as well as on insurance and shipping costs. For an investor who is considering purchasing a larger amount of silver bullion, purchasing silver bars just makes more sense over buying coins.

However when purchasing a large amount of silver bullion, you do need to consider dealing with a reputable seller, whether it’s from your bank or a silver dealer.  A great resource site that gives you an in-depth review on buying and selling silver bars is If you are considering buying silver bars, then it’s certainly worth visiting their site for both the education and information, as well as their dealer reviews. is an online guide to the precious metals market, specifically focusing on physical bars of silver bullion. The site was specifically written to help new investors learn their way around the silver markets. The site covers silver brands, types of silver bars, as well as sizes of silver bars that are commonly traded. Most importantly gives full reviews of the major silver bullion dealers, including costs and fees. The si