The Fabulous 15 (2013)

The World’s Most Famous Silver Coins!

The Fabulous 15

The Royal Canadian Mint, has released an incredible silver coin collector series aptly named The Fabulous 15. This special collector set includes an iconic 1oz silver proof coin, one from 15 countries. Each of these coins is respected and sought after by collectors and bullion investors worldwide!

Each month, upon your original subscription, the Royal Canadian Mint will ship one of these coins directly to your home. The Fabulous 15 represents an excellent way for both newbie and experienced investors, to build an international coin collection. In fact, I’m probably going to be ordering this set as my initial foray into silver coin collecting!

The Fabulous 15 collection offers you some of the most respected and highest quality silver coins from around the world. Each coin is an official legal tender of a major coin-issuing nation. Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, France, Mexico, and others nations are included. The Royal Canadian Mint makes it easy to get a world-class collection of silver coins, and shipping has already started since May 2013. This is an iconic silver coin collection. Don’t miss out!

Benefits of Subscription

The coins sell as a “subscription” which is an excellent way to build a silver proof coin set, from each of the world’s leading coin-producing nations.  Rather than having to purchase each coin separately, the subscription allows you to receive each coin monthly, and at a substantial discount. Here are the benefits you get by subscribing to The Fabulous 15 coin collection:

  • No need to shop for each international coin individually.
  • Authenticity and quality is guaranteed by the Royal Canadian Mint.
  • Exclusive collection limited to only 10,000 complete sets worldwide.
  • Each coin is a 1oz 99.9% pure silver, proof coin.
  • You get a substantial discount for the 1st coin, the Silver Maple Leaf.
  • Pay as you go – Build your affordable coin collection monthly one coin at a time.
  • Free display box, upon purchase of your third coin.
  • Exclusive Royal Canadian Mint watch, upon purchase of your fifth coin.

The Canadian Maple Leaf

The first coin of the Fabulous 15 is the Royal Canadian Mint’s iconic 1oz Silver Maple Leaf. This is one of the world’s most famous silver coins, due to its silver purity. This particular coin comes with an exclusive privy mark, F15, available only in this collection.  In addition, as part of this series, this iconic Maple Leaf is also being sold at a substantial discount price of $59.95. This is a substantial $35 discount from the $94.95 retail issue price, with the added benefit of no HST/ GST being charged.

The UK Britannia and Silver Eagle

The second coin in the Fabulous 15 collection is the United Kingdom’s silver Britannia. It is the largest and purest legal tender coin in the UK. It is sought after by European bullion investors.

The third coin in the Fabulous 15 collection is the American Silver Eagle, also known as the Walking Liberty. It is the world’s most sought after silver coin.

The Royal Canadian Mint makes it easy to get a world-class collection of silver coins. Shipping has already started, so reserve your Fabulous 15 collection today!